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"And according to Paul's custom, he went to them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and giving evidence that the Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead, and {saying,} 'This Jesus whom I am proclaiming to you is the Christ.'" -- Acts 17:2-3

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Apologetic Resources

Links to some of the best and most useful sites to the person seeking to learn more about a reasonable view of Christianity, or to the person seeking information necessary to properly defend the faith in the public forum.

General Apologetics
Christian Philosophy and Theology
Theism and Science
Christian History: Ancient and Modern
Religious Encyclopedias
On-line Bibles
Christian Link Sites
Sites on Cults
Research Tools
Language Guides

General Apologetics

These are "generalist" sites that deal with many, many aspects of apologetics. Some are very indepth (like Glenn Miller's Christian Thinktank, aka, Unravelling Witgenstien's Net), while some simply provide tools for the lay apologist to respond to some of the more general questions raised by skeptics.

Christian Philosophy and Theology

Theology is merely philosophy applied to God, and these sites either deal with philosophy or theology focusing on the existence of God and His attributes.

Theism and Science

These are sites that explore the relationship between theism and science. Many simply take the present scientific evidence and evaluate it separate from the philosophical naturalism that has engulfed the natural sciences to show the consistency between a belief in God and solid scientific research.

Christian History: Ancient and Modern

This is a listing of links to websites that maintain some of the best information about history as it relates to Christian history. Some are biblical history sites, while other deal with the later history of the church, while still others reveal some of the myths that have arising historically concerning Christianity.

Religious Encyclopedias

These are some of the best on-line encyclopedias that give solid backgrounds about people, places and concepts important to Christianity, theism and religion.

On-line Bibles

The greatest book ever written (not surprising, considering the author) is available in many, many places on the Internet. This is a small collection of some of our favorite on-line Bible sites. Some include commentaries, search engines and concordances.

Sites on Cults

Cults have existed in the church almost since the beginning with the rise of the Gnostics. These websites are devoted to exposing the cults for what they are: twisted readings of the scripute. Often, they provide tools for discussing the Bible with different types of cults.

Research Tools

These are more generalized tools for conducting research over the Internet on issues of apologetics, theism and Christianity.

Language Guides

For those trying to understand how to read some of the texts of ancient documents in their original writing, these are websites that provide tools that may allow that to happen.

General Apologetics Sites

Answering Challenges to the Bible
This Web site evolved from discussions and debates with skeptics, Bible critics, and atheists on certain Internet forums. The author decided to gather some of my posts into one site, for easy reference.
Answering Infidels
A new Internet site with articles and links designed for two purposes: (1) to provide answers to articles published online by internet skeptics, and (2) to address specific issues related to Islam.
Answers in Action
Offers articles and newsletters, sponsors classes and seminars, provides mentoring and intern opportunities, leads field trips for evangelism and apologetics, and participates in lectures and debates, both Christian and secular.
Archives of an apologetics radio show hosted by Dr. Robert Bowman. The Articles page contains a number of well-written articles on cultural, classical and doctrinial apologetics. Other articles by Dr. Bowman can be found at the Atlanta Christian Apologetics Project.
Apologia: Free Apologetic & Biblical Courses
On-line courses in apologetics from the Creation Research And Apologetics Society Of India. Includes courses in Bible And Science; Evolution Or Creation; How To Study The Bible; Epistle of Jude; Does God Exist; Christian World-view I.
Christian Answers
Provides biblical answers to contemporary questions for all ages and nationalities with 40-thousand files.
The Christian Arsenal
The Christian Arsenal website is dedicated to the study of the Word of God, the defense of the Christian Faith, and providing tools for discernment for Christians today. The Arsenal provides resources for a wide variety of subjects that everyone can use. Pastors, Seminary Students, Youth Ministers, Sunday School Teachers, parents, youth and children can all find some of the best on the web on this site.
The Christian Conscience
The Christian Conscience is maintained by a CADRE member who specializes in Catholic apologetics and ecumenism.
The Christian Courier
The main objective of the Christian Courier is to develop a unique library of information that would strengthen Christians by supplying quality, biblically-sound materials that were easily accessible. Its goal has been to remain focused on the second part of the Great Commission – to further the education of Christians.
Christian Heritage Cambridge
Christian Heritage believes that, in trying to influence the future, it is imperative to recover, defend and promote the Christian foundations of Western civilisation. It makes use of the Round Church in Cambridge as an historic site of universal interest to highlight and clarify the truth and relevance of the Christian faith and as a focal point for theological training.
A Christian Thinktank
Glenn Miller's apologetics site. One of the best apologetics resources around. In depth, well-researched and reasoned responses to some of the toughest Biblical difficulties.
Christianity Today Library -- Apologetics
Almost 100 articles (as of the time of this writing) related to issues of apologetics from Christianity Today. This site can also be used to research the entire Christianity Today library which contains over 15,000 articles on subjects of Christian interest. The site is a pay site only providing brief previews for free, but the cost is well worth it.
Come Let Us Reason Together
The purpose of Come Reason Ministries is to show that Christianity is an intelligent, rational faith. Designed to look at the claims of Christianity from a logical perspective, the group examines the claims of the Bible and weighs the objections and questions raised in the public square.
Defend the Faith
Whether you are new in your faith, have not yet made your decision to follow Christ, or have been walking with the Lord for many years, this site is for you. Pastors, laymen and students, young and old alike, will find a wealth of resources here including recommended must-have books, links, articles, and audio products available only at DefendtheFaith.com.
In the Word Ministries -- Frontline Apologetics
An independent Christian research and apologetics ministry. A wide range of apologetic and general Christian issues are covered on this website by writers of varying views.
Leadership University
One of the web's most comprehensive resources for Christian academics, with thousands of articles by qualified thinkers on topics related to Christian truth.
Protestant Apologetics and Theology
Offers a variety of material from across time ­but mostly by contemporary pastors, theologians, and evangelists to aid in the seeker's discovery of the truths contained in the Scriptures. Lots of essays on cults, apologetics and false teachings. Site of CADRE member Eric Landstrom.
Rational Christianity Christian Apologetics
A response to the oft-voiced opinion of atheists/skeptics that Christianity is an irrational faith. Christianity does not require blind faith, nor does it require one to stop thinking rationally or critically.
Reaching the World for Christ Minstries
Offering articles on the faith, apologetics defending the faith, and contending for the faith. RTWCM offers a message board for debate and discussion on matters concerning Christianity and fellowship amongst fellow believers; helps others find a home church through our "Churchfinders" service, and tries to help fellow Christians in studying Christian theology, their Evangelistic pursuits, and "advertising" their church.
Reasoning from the Scriptures Minstries featuring Ron Rhodes
A discipleship ministry that exists to help you grow strong in the Word of God and equip you to become knowledgeable in the application of biblical wisdom. It researches and publishes fact sheets, booklets, and outlines dealing with various cutting-edge issues.
Rutgers University Religion Department
This site is designed to advance research in matters of religion. It analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites to speed research. Hyperlinks are provided not only to homepages but to major directories & documents within.
Scripture Thoughts for Christian Thinkers
Features a series of original articles on doctrine, theology and apologetics with a great link section identifying a broad range of Internet resources. Also has a discussion page.
The Skeptical Christian
The notion that Christianity is based on a “leap of faith” rather than an intellectual commitment of mind and soul to God is widespread in today’s culture. Christians are unable to provide a rational defense of their faith, and nonbelievers are convinced that religion is something only for the gullible and weak-minded. At The Skeptical Christian, these problems are addressed head on. Christianity is NOT a worldview for the weak-minded and it is NOT based on a blind leap of faith..
Stand to Reason
Outstanding site of apologetics organization created by Radio Personality and Author Gregory Koukl ("Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air"), dealing with practical apologetics. Also features articles by bio-ethicist Scott Klusendorf.
Tekton Apologetics
J.P. Holding's site - Excellent research on a broad range of Christian topics. Perhaps the leading Christian apologetics site on the internet.
Xenos Christian Fellowship: Essays and Research Papers
Includes several articles on apologetics and other issues of importance to the Christian faith.

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Theism and Science

Access Research Network
Database for the works of William Dembski, Michael Behe, and other Christian scientists and scholars, featuring hundreds of scientific articles. You might even say this site is "irreducibly complex."
Bede's Library
Bede is one of our members - a respected British scientist and scholar. This site features some of our favorite discourses - a virtual goldmine for the Christian intellectual.
Evidence for God from Science
One of the best science and Christianity sites by CADRE member Richard Deem. Very well researched.
Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies
The Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies is a non-profit tax-exempt organization interested in the areas of Bible and science. The goals of the Institute are to educate people about Bible and science and to do research in Bible and science.
Reasons to Believe
Astrophysicist Hugh Ross's site - an excellent source for science articles.

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Christian Philosophy

Contend for the Faith
An excellent apologetics and theological resource page.
The CADRE founder's (commonly known as "Metacrock") central apologetics site, featuring the finest academic theology and research in service to the Gospel, an excellent science and religious belief page, several Messianic pages that have impressed even Messianic Rabbis, and well researched arguments for the existence of God, "Christ and mythology," and much more.
A nice page with a helpful collection of articles on topics of theology.
In the Word Ministries
An independent Christian research and apologetics ministry covering a wide range of apologetic and general Christian issues. ITW presents arguments both for and against Christianity by Christians and atheists.
Jesus.com: A Spiritual Knowledge Base
An experimental knowledge base, focusing on mutual understanding and challenge in Jesus-focused spirituality.
Mere Philosophy
Mere Christian's homepage (C.S. Lewis groupie, evangelical seminary student, and CADRE member) -- great links and a good but largely unknown discussion board.
Philologos Religious Online Books
Provides materials that facilitate the acquiring of a personal relationship with the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with a special emphasis on his Jewish background and prophetic ministry.
Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy
Provides articles which address theological and philosophical issues from a Christian perspective, and for articles from any perspective which deal critically with the theological and philosophical credentials of the Christian faith.
Full texts by recognized religious scholars. More than 4,700 articles and chapters. Topics include Old and New Testament, Theology, Ethics, History and Sociology of Religion, Communication and Cultural Studies, Pastoral Care, Counseling, Homiletics, Worship, Missions and Religious Education.
N.T. Wright Page
Homepage of New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham. Site includes written articles and audio files.

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History and Christianity: Modern and Ancient

Bede's Library
Bede is one of our members - a respected British scientist and scholar. This site features some of our favorite discourses - a virtual goldmine for the Christian intellectual.
Christian Origins Blog
Peter Kirby's blog and webpage devoted to publishing articles distinguished by their attention to detail and reasoned approach. A range of viewpoints, from skeptic to traditional, are presented in essays by laypersons and scholars, including contributions from CADRE member Christopher Price.
The Ecole Initiative
A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History.
The Development of the Canon of the New Testament
Offers scholarly resources explaining how the Church selected certain writings as authoritative and separated them from a larger body of early Christian literature.
Resources for the Study of Christian Origins
A site maintained by Justin Meggitt, Staff Tutor in the Study of Religion at the Institute of Continuing Education, Cambridge University.
The Tertullian Project
An unparalleled collection of ancient and modern material about the ancient Christian Latin writer Tertullian and his writings. Maintained by the CADRE's own Roger Pearce. If you are looking for information on Eusebius of Caesarea, check out Eusebius of Caesarea.

Be sure to also visit some of our topical articles related to Christianity and History on our associated pages:

Religious Encyclopedias

The Ecole Initiative
A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History.
The Jewish Encyclopedia

The Jewish Virtual Library.

The New Advent Encyclopedia, a.k.a. the Catholic Encyclopedia

St. Pachomius Library: the Living Encyclopædia of Orthodox Christianity.

On-line Bibles

Bible Database Online Advanced Bible Search

The Blue Letter Bible


The On-line Greek Bible

University of York On-line Greek Bible

World Wide Study Bible

Christian Link Sites

Theologically Correct Dot Com Ministries
Links to dozens of sites related to apologetics, aberrant theology, cults and more.
DMOZ Open Directory Project: Religion and Spirituality: Apologetics
The Open Directory is the most widely distributed database of Web content classified by humans. The link is to a large range of apologetics links with multiple subcategories. Be forewarned, however, a larger than average number of the links are dead.
Praize -- The All in One Christian Community
Praize.com is an on-line Christian Community, where Christians can gather to share what God is doing across the globe, to provide an opportunity for education and growth. The site focuses on individuals and organizations, providing family-safe services and other resources to enrich and encourage users to live godly lives based on Biblical principals.
SmartChristian.com is an Evangelical Web site created and operated by Dr. Andrew Jackson which serves global Christianity by providing essential and relevant information on hundreds of topics related to the Bible, Christian history, theology, cults, religions, leadership, pastoring, and daily Christian living.
Webnet 77 Christian Search Engine (Bible Database)
Webnet77 is part of BibleDatabase - one of the largest and most visited Christian resources on the Internet. Webnet77 is also the founders and owners of BibleForums - one of the most frequented Christian Message Boards and forums on the Internet.

Links to Great Resources on Cults

Apologetics Index
Apologetics Index provides 15,360 pages of research resources on world religions, religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, apologetics-, anticult-, and countercult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views. These resources reflect a variety of theological and/or sociological perspectives (although it definitely does not fully reflect all perspectives).

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry -- Matt Slick's site -- lots of good info on cults and reformed theology.

Be sure to also visit some of our hand-selected websites to cults on the following page:

Links to Research Tools

Bible Research: Internet Resources for Students of Scripture
This site is for Bible students who are looking for detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture. Great resource for Biblical interpretation tools, hermeneutics and creeds.
Center for the Study of Global Christianity

Local Theologies
A Christian non-profit organization who wants to promote and diffuse information regarding the development of local theologies (contextual theologies) and their importance for the development of the kingdom of God. The Discussion Forum has links to abstracts and full articles of many papers on communicating the Kingdom of God to different world communities.
New Testament Gateway
Hundreds of articles written from a liberal perspective, dealing with a wide array of theological and Biblical topics.
Princeton Theological Seminary Resources on the Web Page
A good "hopping off" point for researching theological matters on the Internet.
Resolved: The Bible Version Debate Resolved by Cecil J. Carter
A series of questionable, but thoughtful, essays on the accuracy of many of the newer translations of the Bible, the King James Only controversy, and the reliability of the various ancient manuscripts.
Resources for New Testament Exegesis
Provided by Roy E. Ciampa, Ph.D., Associate Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Resources provided by Dr. Ciampa students at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. An excellent set of resources on a broad range of subjects that will aid anyone in understanding the Bible.
Strong's Online Concordance, with Brown, Dirver and Briggs, Hebrew Lexicon and other research tools
An online concordance that takes every word of the King James Version and lists where each word can be found in the scriptures. It is useful for locating scripture verses that you know the words to, but do not know the book, chapter and verse.
Theological Research Exchange Network
Intended to serve faculty, students, alumni, religion scholars, church leaders, missiologists and journalists seeking information and analysis on the global Christian movement by providing resources such as the World Christian Database, which provides information on 34,000 Christian denominations and on religions in every country of the world.
Virtual Religion Index
A tool for students with little time. It analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites to speed research. Hyperlinks are provided not only to homepages but to major directories & documents within.
Western Reformed Seminary Journal: On-line
The journal of Western Reformed Seminary is available online, with issues dating back to 1994.

Resources on Researching the Septuagint Version of the Bible (LXX)

Websites Instructive in Ancient Languages

Learn Assyrian Online; The Aramaic Alphabet; Syriac-Aramaic Vocabulary

Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear..." 1 Peter 3:15