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Welcome to my Virtual Office. I am a Christian of the Charismatic persuasion. I am also a lawyer in private practice in Los Angeles. My formal training in historical studies is limited to a minor in that subject from the University of Houston. Hence my onscreen name of "Layman." I have, however, devoted a substantial amount of time and resources to the study of early Christianity and the New Testament. Gathered together here are links to my articles that have been posted on various sites. Provided at the bottom of the page are links to audio files of my radio appearances. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at laymantwo at

If you would like to read my book reviews or lists of books helpful for studying the New Testament or apologetics, visit my area at Amazon. Also, I regularly post shorter essays at the Christian CADRE blog. You can check out my personal library online as well.

Articles on Luke-Acts

Genre, Historicity, Date, and Authorship of The Acts of the Apostles (revised Word version, for the older html version, go here)
The Speeches in Acts
The Story of Jesus in Luke's Unique Material
The "We Passages" of Acts as a Literary Device for Sea Travel?: A Critique of Vernon Robbins

Articles on the Resurrection

An Introduction to the CADRE'S Response to The Empty Tomb
Is 1 Cor. 15:3-11 an Interpolation?
Paul's Belief in a Bodily Resurrection
Reviews of Books About the Historicity of the Resurrection (co-authored with John Sabatino)

Articles on Early Christianity

Did Josephus Refer to Jesus?
"Harmonizing" The Gospels: Some Principles for Dealing with Purported Contradictions in the Gospels
Jesus's Divinity Within Jewish Monotheism
Marcion, the Canon, the Law and the Historical Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus: A Historical Inquiry
The Missing Ending of the Gospel of Mark
A Response to Ken Olson on Eusebius and the Testimonium Flavianum

Articles Replying to the Jesus Myth and Earl Doherty

Bede's Library List of Books for and against the Existence of Jesus (co-authored with James Hannam)
Bede's Library List of Links to sites about the Jesus Myth and Historical Jesus (co-compiled with James Hannam)
Earl Doherty and the Apostolic Tradition
Earl Doherty on Christian use of the Hebrew Bible
Earl Doherty's Use of the Epistle to the Hebrews (and Part 2)
Earl Doherty's Use of the Phrase "According to the Flesh"
A History of Scholarly Refutations of the Jesus Myth
Paulís Knowledge of the Garden of Gethsemane Narrative
Scholarly Opinions on the Jesus Mythologists

Articles on Christianity and Society

Da Vinci Code Q & A (Word Document)
Is it Possible to be Good Without God?
Pagans, Christianity, and Charity
Pagans, Christianity, and Infanticide

Radio Appearances

Just A Woman Radio 6/2/05, discussing the Justice Alito appointment (here)
Just A Woman Radio 2/20/06, discussing developments in Supreme Court jurisprudence (here and here)
Just A Woman Radio 3/13/06, discussing developments in abortion law (here and here)
Just A Woman Radio 5/07/06, discussing free speech on High School campuses (here and here)
The Lores Rizkalla Show 7/2/06, discussing the Hamdan v. Rumsfeld descision, by which the Supreme Court found the Bush Administration's military tribunals to be unconstitutional (here)
Counter Cult Apologetics Hour 4/27/06, calling in to discuss bodily resurrection in Paul's letters with Dr. Gary Habermas. My call begins about 45 minutes into the program (there were some technical difficulties).


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